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Some 40 pct people have the fear of swallowing pills. This fear is overcome by proposing oral dispersible tablets which can be administered without water.


Athena is a leader in developing oral dispersible products based upon its platform technologies. Using its Fastmelt® platform, the company today commercially sells at least 10 products developed on this platform technology in various markets.

The company develops and commercialized for it partners products on this platform technology that address the product lifecycle management needs of the clients and bring added value to the portfolio of the client.

The ODT platform has a unique proposition for

  1. Paediatric population
  2. Geriatric population
  3. All patients with dysphagia
  4. All patiens with fear of swallowing
  5. Psychiatric patients
  6. Nausea induced by chemotherapy or other reasons


To be a Partner of Choice for Life Cycle Management

This is a very critical ingredient for the ODT platform. Today there close to 200 drugs on the market which have obnoxious taste and thereby become a deterrence in patient compliance. Athena uses specialized techniques for masking the bitter or pungent tastes of these drugs using encapsulation technology.

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