Fixed Dose Combination (FDC)

Athena has developed fixed dose combination (FDC) formulations for multiple active ingredients combined in a single dosage. Further Athena has added value to the FDC by using the relevant technology platform to make it more patient complaint. FDC drug products are known to improve medication compliance of Patients by reducing the pill burden of patients, as well as giving the inherent advantages of combination therapy.

Advantages with FDCs
  • Simpler dosage schedule giving excellent patient compliance and therefore improves treatment outcomes
  • Reduces inadvertent medication errors
  • Synergistic effects on dosage regimen.
  • Side effects are reduced by using one drug of the combination for this purpose
FDCs from Athena
  • Paracetamol 325mg + Tramadol 37.5mg Plain Tablet and ODT ODT marketed by Novartis under Palitex Brand in India
  • Voglibose 0.2/0.3mg + Metformin 500mg Tablet Marketed by AstraZeneca Vigocil M and Novartis Vingose Met in India
  • Calcium Citrate Maleate + Vit D3 Marketed by AstraZeneca and Novartis
FDCs Under development
  • Metformin 850/1000mg + Vildagliptin 50mg
  • Pseudoephedrine HCL 120mg + Cetirizine HCL 5mg
  • Calcium Pidolate 600mg + Vitamin D3 400 IU


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