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Given its vast experience in drug delivery Athena has developed several products with client specific drug release profiles using its customized drug release pelletization technology which is Multi particulate coating technology is a specialized platform for developing spheroidal particles.

Using this platform Athena brings significant clinical advantages and improved patients’ compliance :

Controlled absorption
Targeted release of the drug
Absorption independent of food effect
Suitability for use with one or more active drug candidate
Once or twice daily dose resembling multiple daily dose profiles

This is a unique platform that uses a combination of selected polymers for controlled release of drugs for once or twice daily dosing in single or combination of drugs. This technology has immense benefits to the patient as it prolongs the action of the active moiety through slow release from the gastric cavity maintaining the required blood levels. This removes the need for repeated dosing and chances of missed doses, which is an inherent part of multi-dose therapy, as well as overdosing due to oversight.


Athena is specialized in improving the availability of highly insoluble drugs falling under the BCS II category by using special solubilizers and also micronization. Using EzSol platform the company is able to improve the availability, efficacy, faster onset of action and the safety profile of the drugs in variable physiological conditions.


Multiparticulate coating technology designed to Control the Release rate and dosage of active drugs compounds in the body. Multi-particulate coating technology of Athena produce uniform coating and hence reduces intrasubject variability. This technology protects Esomeprazole from gastric acid and ensures uniform bioavailability from the intestine.

Athena has developed Esomeprazole delayed-release capsule based on the Multi particulate coating technology.

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